• Diameter of Cord 2 to 6 mm
  • No. Of fabric cords 6
  • Speed 800 RPM
  • Motor 0.5 H. P.

Main Feature

  • The Machine is High speed and still quite running
  • Space saving, because of compact design.
  • The yarn packages, generally available in come from, can directly mounted on creel and fed to the machine.
  • Machine stops automatically in case of yarn breakage or exhausted.
  • Continuous attendance of operator is not required.
  • Any diameter ranging from 2mm to 12 mm can be produced on the same machine by just changing the cylinder and thread guide.
  • Construction of cord 4,6,8,12 bobbins is possible on same machine.
  • Density (pick/cm) of produced cord is adjustable by change gears.

Suitable For Making Decorative cords Used In

  • Ready Made Garments
  • Venetian Blind Rope
  • Shoes lace Cord
  • Zipper Cords
  • Drawing Strings
  • Fiber Class Rope
  • Filler Cords For (FIBC) Jumbo-bag