SUSMATEX MACHINERY is a reputed manufacturer & exporter of textile machinery. We are well known for narrow fabric machines since a decade and widely acclaimed for our international standard products, viz., High Speed Needle Loom, Fast knit Braiding Machine, Tape Loom, Narrow Fabric Needle Loom, Warping Machine, Measuring & Winding Machines, Gauze Bandage Rolling and Cutting Machine, Aluminium Beam, Creel Stand, Beam Stand, and Special Purpose Machinery.

Products for the following Applications can be made from our Machines:

For the manufacture of Satin Ribbon, Elastic Tapes, Mattress Tape, Plain & Design P.P Tapes, Cotton Tapes, Twill Tape, Nylon Tapes, Elastic Bandage, Cotton Bandage, Malai Dori, Fancy Dories, Fibre Glass Tapes, Zipper Tapes, Jute Tapes, Monofilament Tapes, Curtain Tapes, Crepe Bandage, Hand Bag Tapes, Tapes for Identity Cards, Cotton, Jute and Monofilament Niwars, Safety Belts, Cargo Lifting Belts, Boarder Tapes for Sarees, Elastics & Strips for Ladies and Gents Under Garments, Belts for Jumbo Bags, Laces, Labels etc.

Our machines are sturdy and balanced design structure. The machines are supplied in different models. Fabric width wise from 5 mm to 175 mm and nos. of tape 2 to 20. according to width of fabric. Max. Healed frame are 16 nos. which is enough for general weaves used in elastic as well as rigid tapes. That gives sufficient space for smooth working. All general features like electromagnetic brake, auto stop motion for warp and weft, lock thread weaving systems are provided in our all models. Our standard supply includes system for warp supply through beams.

Our full effort, devoted for customers' satisfaction, starts from their exact need up to commissioning of the machines. We ensure prompt after sales service and understand customers' production program. We are always on a pace of modernization & improvement of our products, based on field feedback, customers' suggestions, requirements and constant effort on R&D.

We have well maintained manufacturing facilities that is fully equipped with the latest machines and tools. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is situated in Ahmadabad which is spread across the sprawling area. We have manufacturing facilities like :

- CNC machining
- Powder coating
- Fabrication
- Cutting machine
- Special purpose machine

We are the quality oriented organization that believes in manufacturing and supplying of the superior quality range of the textile machinery. We have a proficient team of the quality controllers which stringently check each and every process of manufacturing as per the predetermined parameters, from the procurement of the raw material to the delivery of the products to the clients; we ensure best services till the transit.